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Tarraco Viva. The Roman Festival of Tarragona


Tarragona (Tarragona)


From 18 to May 31



Fourteen days Tarragona revive the splendor of their own history. A journey that goes back two thousand years ago, to its origins, the ancient Roman civilization. The Tarraco became the emperor Augustus Roman imperial capital and that the year 2000 was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. An international cultural festival that is growing and already has 42 activities, over 250 acts and 26 spaces located throughout the city as the Amphitheatre, the Champ de Mars or the walls.
Just walking around the city, let your imagination and into the lives of Roman ancestors. The historical reenactments around everyday military life and allow us to satisfy any curiosity about how they were the gladiatorial games in honor of Apollo Amphitheatre, as the children played at that time, what were the typical dishes of the old empire, what kind of should listen to music, like the early Christians buried their dead ... A set of proposals for inward both small and large through the history and archaeological heritage.
It is the festival of disclosure and specialization of culture and civilization of ancient Rome's most comprehensive which is now taking place across Europe. A festival that empowers local groups in the city where their participation is over fifty percent.
And the activity does not cease at night. "Las Noches de Tarraco Viva" is one of the latest developments have been incorporated into the programming of this year. For two hours, everyone who wants to can enjoy historical comments on the monument where the activity takes place, for active recreation and historical disclosure and, finally, a comisatio, a kind of meal that made the ancient Romans upon completion of the Facilities (convivium) to enjoy the conversation and share any opinion.
However, one of the most important developments under the Festival emerged in 2008 with the intention of being present in each of the issues. This is the International Meeting on the Dissemination of Historical Heritage Romano with the intention of bringing together programmers from different festivals like this.
Tarraco Viva is an event that was created with the aim of providing public support for the candidacy of Tarraco as a UNESCO World Heritage. But, given his success is raised annually celebrate. There is increasing public acceptance and participation, both locally, nationally and internationally. In fact, this is one of the objectives proposed for this conference. The power to create a high quality cultural product to generate tourism-related cultural heritage. In the last edition, has counted more than 50000 visits to various activities with controlled capacity, excluding areas of free access.

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