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Festival of Saint Peter in Reus

It is said that the cult of Sant Pere in Reus is as old as the town itself. This festival centres on the procession of the patron saint’s image alongside different folkloric groups and festival elements, such as giants, dwarfs, the mule, dragon, eagle, human castles and different dances. All of this has been created over many centuries and forms the basis of a rich and much-loved cultural city heritage. One of the most spectacular traditions at this festival is the “tronada”.

Images from Canal Reus TV
The acts begin on June 24th with the festival opening ceremony and the “tronada”; the following days, from San Juan to San Pedro, feature a program full of events for everybody, which combine traditional folklore with other festival elements, such as performances, concerts and firework displays…

The “tronada” is a defining element of the Fiesta Mayor de Sant Pere in Reus and consists of a long trail of mortars filled with gunpowder, which is set alight in a series of explosions that go right the way round the main central square in Reus - Plaza del Mercadal - until it reaches the council building. In front of this building, nine mortars of gunpowder are placed close together in a square shape, which creates a hugely powerful final explosion. Four “tronadas” take place in Reus, during the course of the festival.