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Live broadcast on Monday 28th from the market square from 20pm for the Festival of Reus.

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20:00 has the market square, the Holiday Parade in the city with the devil dance, the vibrant, the Dragon, the Basilisk, the Lion, the Nanos, the Mule, the Giants, the Carrasclet,
Dance of the Shepherds, the Dance of galleys, the dancing horses, the Cercolets Dance, Dance of the materials, the Valencian ball, the ball sticks to the Santa Lucia Folk, Dance of the Father
John of Vic, Gypsy Dance, Dance of the poles of EDOR, the children Reus il'Àliga offer us their dancing, and castles.

20.15 h from the market square,
Return to the home of Complete Holiday Parade.
Simultaneously, from Bell Priory of St. Peter, Touch Party.

20.45 at the door of the CITY,
Eagle Ball Solemn short Reus as greeting to the authorities.

21.00 from the market square, a Complete Way of the authorities, with the musical accompaniment of the Symphonic Band from Reus.

21:15 is the Priory of St. Peter, solemn Complete. Veneration
image of Saint Peter kept inside the tabernacle of the Priory and locked under
three locks, all year long. The keys that open the tabernacle of the stored prior, the Mayor and former trustee of the Community will be holding Preveres.Durant hear Gojo St. Peter.

Then return the parade and walk to the traditional pillar of casteller Xiquets Reus from the Priory to the door of City Hall. The festival will continue with the dances of the giants and beasts. Once the dances, the mayor from the balcony of City Hall, showing a white handkerchief, tells the lighting of the storm, which will be followed by an intense firework displays.