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The Medieval Week of Saint George at Montblanc is a local festival, fruit of the frenetic energies of everyone present in the town. For the past eight years, the Associació Medieval de la Llegenda de Sant Jordi (Medieval Association of the Legend of Saint George) has played a key role in the organisation of the Medieval weeks that take place every year on and around April 23rd, Catalonia’s patron saint day.
Medieval Week takes a step back in time, to the 14th century and to the golden period of this dukedom with an emblematic theatre piece: the Legend of Saint George. That Montblanc is the site of this festivity coincides with the fact that the folklorist Joan Amades situates this town as the place where Saint George killed the dragon.
This year, from April 23rd until May 3rd, the Medieval Week of Saint George at Montblanc took place for the 22nd year running. This event featured kings, queens, knights, flags, drums, trumpets, men on horseback, slaves, freaks and harlequins, as well as hundreds of archers and swordsmen.
Throughout the week, street theatre is held on the plazas and walkways of the town; the Medieval market takes place alongside wine and cava stalls and demonstrations of traditional artisan professions that are nowadays obsolete, giving people the chance to view traditional techniques and tools.
In the space next to the wall of Saint George, the knights from four “noble” households set up a medieval military camp. At this knights’ training ground, kids can take part in different workshops, games and activities such as archery, making arrows and horse riding.
The juggling competition recaptures the spirit of medieval times and revives oral tradition that spread from town to town through jugglers and minstrels.
New features of the 22nd Medieval Week include the “Pas de Ronda” (Street Stroll) and the “Nits Malignes” (Naughty Nights). The “Pas de Ronda” is a theatrical guided visit in Medieval Montblanc and the “Nits Malignes” is a definite must for fun, performance, partying and music in a large tavern with decorated stage areas, jugs of beer, swords and armour.
Other events include the rose ceremony, the Dracum Nocte, the minstrel stories, the royal supper, the medieval tournament, the historic recreation of the Catalan Courts held in the town during the 14th and 15th centuries; all of this reflects the vitality of Montblanc residents that spread festival vibes to parents, children and grandparents.


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