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Guissona relives its Roman legacy each year at the Iesso Roman Market; Iesso was the name of the original town founded in the 2nd century AC. Since 1997, the market has become an eagerly anticipated yearly event at the town of Guissona on the third weekend of July.


At the Iesso Roman Market, on Saturday July 18th, residents from Guissona walk through the streets dressed as Romans; the shopkeepers decorate their stalls and the town is filled with patricians and plebs.


During the day, the Roman world is re-enacted in street performances with the sale of slaves, imperial dances, horse races, parades of knights and roman legions and the different vestals with their myths, legends and shows.


Momentous occasions are re-created, such as the arrival of the divine Cesar and Queen Cleopatra and their triumphant march to the temple, the Rites of the Vulcan God and the Flight of Isis - just some of the magical elements that can’t be missed.


Public areas in Guissona are reclaimed as Roman space and visitors can walk through the Mercatus, enjoy a relaxing break at the Templum, take part in the activities of the Forum, walk through the Roman gardens or visit the Roman legion camp.


The Market also provides visitors with the opportunity to experience traditional arts and crafts and an exhibition of artisan products, where Roman cooking - inspired by the ancient customs of Iesso - can be savoured by all.


For five days prior to the Mercat Romà, the Capvespres a la romana (Roman Evenings) take place, consisting in traditional arts and crafts workshops from Roman times for children.


All in all, this is an important theatrical event that stands out for its ever increasing local participation and the mixture of thematic areas and spaces that re-evoke the spirit of Roman Iesso.




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