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Tortosa (Baix Ebre).


Fourth week of July

Tortosa, the sixteenth century. The city is a cultural center and artistic highlights of the Catalonia of the Renaissance. A period of vital importance to the cultural legacy and heritage of Tortosa.  A city that had defense forces, guilds with their colors, names of famous masters and villages in the region offering an image of a powerful city, organized and proud of their symbols.
For this reason, the historic center of Tortosa is decked out to commemorate this period of splendor through a wide range of recreational activities and cultural character. More than 500 actors, 60 performances, 3000 vintage dresses citizens, merchants and taverns line the streets of the town with music, party, color and, the key to everything, with lots of history. In 2010 it held its fourteenth edition in 1996 after the premiere is a fledgling project known as the Renaissance Festival.
The Festival has become a major promotional event for the city. The creation of recreational and cultural product quality at a time, based on a rigorous historical reference, so lets promote cultural tourism and the city of Tortosa, and revive the economy and partnerships. The attractiveness of the city the power to the neighboring streets and adorn the facades of the houses with greenery, rugs and tapestries, torches and candles. Up to the time machine for four days become inhabitants of the sixteenth century.
The splendor shines through the streets of the historic center of the city during the main event and emblematic of the festival: the parade in honor of the flags of the vegueria of Tortosa and the city. A big parade with more than 1.000 participants, led by the town municipal attorneys representing the ancient, followed by real nobility wearing their suits most luxurious and all the groups and associations that are part of the city. Another act that no one should miss is the Arms Show. Part 10 frets and a hundred participants and attorneys armed with flags of the city and vegueria. Flags are raised at the party while it is called "Land of Water, Land of a river, Visca la Vegueria of Tortosa, Visca”.
But do not forget the street shows, children's spaces, tasting the cuisine of the time in pubs (Saboga’s Rute), camping, ceremonies, workshops, market days, music or games that recreate to perfection everyday life then. The Fiesta also has five major productions including the musical profane with the show "Dindirindin" to attend the tournament "The Four Virtues" or enjoy a classic like "La Taverna d’Enric" by Quico the Celio group, “el Noi i el Mut de Ferreries.
The Renaissance Festival was declared a local festival attractions of Catalonia for the Generalitat de Catalunya and National Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, in 2005. Year also received the plaque of honor Catalunya Tourism awarded by the Government of the Generalitat. The large number of people in the latest issues the festivity has established a benchmark.


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