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Esparreguera (Baix Llobregat)

Weekends in the months of March and April and the first of May.


If Esparreguera is known everywhere, it is especially due to the large and important theatrical performance that welcomes each year over the life of Jesus: The Passion. A work that probably has its origins in the seventeenth century. A 1611 letter notes that some neighbors of the town of Sant Llorenç d'Hortons target Esparreguera some relatives of announcements that will go to see the representation of the Passion.
As we know today, the Passion is an evolution of the so-called "mysteries" which consisted of medieval drama where staged scenes from the life of Jesus, the mother of God and also of several saints. Over time, the music, the location, the actors or the set evolve and give way to the great performances. Properly historical stage of the Passion of Esparreguera as we know it begins, after a long break in 1860 in a closed since earlier it was customary to represent it in the street.
A tradition from generation to generation, has come down to us and now are about a thousand people between characters and extras (all amateurs), the orchestra, the choir, technical equipment or clothing and makeup, maintenance .. . who are responsible to continue this cultural heritage, the most represented throughout Catalunya.
The perfect combination of all these elements makes Esparreguera Passion has become a production of a highly technical and dramatic (more than thirty scenic changes) able to convey to the viewer the essence of characters who are more than two thousand year history.
If the words and actions are important elements of the Passion, live music plays a key role for the audience to enter what you see. A set of musical notes emerging from thirty musicians and a choir of fifty voices accompanied by a board of seven tubes. Josep Borràs, son of the village, is the author of the musical pieces composed exclusively for the Passion, which allows readjust if necessary. Moreover, the current version of the text is a creation of artist Esparraguera Ramon Torruella, released in the sixties, which remains faithful to the gospel texts while adapting to the immediate reality.
Anyone who wants to enjoy the passion you can do for a day. The show has retained over the years its original structure like a classic play, which represents game. A total of 37 scenes are divided into two parts. The first part is represented in the morning and about three years of public life of Jesus while the second part narrates the evening of passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
Each year about 10 representations made during the weekend of March, April and May the first taking place in the Passion of Esparreguera theater’s, opened in 1969, designed solely for these representations. The success of the Passion is evident in the influx of over 10.000 spectators per season.
The Passion of Esparreguera is part of the Federation of Passions of Catalunya, an entity that was established in 2008 to promote the show and give voice and strength to the Catalan associations to official bodies, like the Europeans. The Passion was declared of National Interest Traditional Festival on September 30, 1983.

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