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The floats begin to ride with great care and enthusiasm months before the Carnival. Here you can see them a few days to be completed
Floats Prado 2009

Floats Retiro 2009
Sitges Carnival began to gain importance in the late nineteenth century, the reason was the emergence of the El Retiro Recreativa Society founded in 1870 and the Casino Prado Suburense founded in 1877 monopolized both the social activity of Sitges. The company first used to group together those affected by industrialization and change in El Prado aggregates that industrialization was favorable to them. In this way, the confrontation between the two companies and was continuous with this came when the carnival festivities showcased both wanted more than the rival company.
Competitiveness and underselling of resources made the Sitges Carnival was more spectacular as they were accustomed to the citizens of the season and starting to gain popularity. In this way, for over 100 years Sitges has been celebrating the festival of Carnival.
Post in the Carnival floats Retiro, El Prado and the Independent Group for a total of 52 that make Sitges one of the most anticipated of the year.