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Festival of the Barons of Pinós in Bagà

During the third week of July, the town of Bagà returns to its medieval roots with a huge array of different events, celebrated by everyone. The medieval dinner is one of the main acts, and everyone that attends dresses in period costume. The medieval market is also one of the most enticing features of the festival, recreating daily medieval life with all its traditional crafts and professions. Historical street theatre groups and demonstrations add to the atmosphere throughout the duration of the festival (duals, archery exhibitions…).

The medieval market of Bagà brings together expert craftsmen from more than thirty categories and traditional professions, with the aim of renewing and perpetuating traditional craftsmanship at this promotional event. Everyone present at the Fiestas de la Baronia de Pinós can discover the unique aspects of these diverse and traditional professions and experience the traditional culture of hand-made craftsmanship. In 2008, for the first time, the market is open for longer hours, during a delightful night-time market.